Origin and distribution

Firewalking is a very old ritual that has been spread all over the world. In Europe, this custom is practiced in Spain, Greece and the Balkans at least since the 16th century. In Asia (Japan, China, Malaysia…) it has been practiced for at least 4,000 years. Also on Hawaii locals walk over the glowing lava.
Originally, the firewalk is embedded in a spiritual or religious festival and is celebrated there as the climax of the ceremony. In many cultures it is sacred and may only be performed by chosen people. In other regions, the whole clan or village takes part in this ritual act.
Since the 1980s, firewalking has been commercialized and alienated in the Western world, and since then it has also been used, detached from its spiritual aspect, as a high point for mental coaching and self-awareness seminars.


Wall of fire on a meadow - shamanistic ritual

What happens to us during a firewalk?

When we walk over the glowing coals, we come into contact with the nature of the elements fire (ego/mind), earth (body), air (soul) and also with water (etheric body). We consciously connect with the 4 elements and thus with our outer and inner nature, whereby fire certainly has the obviously strongest effect on us. Harmonizing the elements within us, is the actual healing in this ritual.

Fire is strongly purifying and can remove disturbing factors such as fears from our energy field, which prevent us from being happy. Fear saps our life energy and is also a breeding ground for destructiveness. This creates a negative spiral that allows foreign energies to take hold in our energy body over a long period of time, which can also lead to illness.

firewalk workshop by Günter Oswald
firewalk workshop by Günter Oswald

Firewalk and Healing

Firewalking alone will not cure us of diseases. But it can help us to overcome fears and leave them behind. Thus, it can contribute to well-being and the attainment of clarity. Even very deep-seated fears can be (temporarily) released by repeating a Firewalk several times.


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