Shamanic Training in Chieming/Germany


Seminarhotel Jonathan – Kellerstraße 5, 83339 Chieming / Chiemsee

  • Start of the training with module 1: 5-10 November 23

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Focus on Trance in Movement

This is a shamanic training that is designed to teach ancient knowledge and traditional methods of original, European shamanism. It is important to me to provide an authentic path of power. Both “newly called” and “experienced” people are offered the opportunity to grow emotionally, magically and spiritually in a very practical way. My goal is to achieve the full development and unfolding of your personal and magical potential.
The main focus of this course is the “dance of the shaman” – the trance in movement. You will be taught many elements and tools of shamanism in the “Trance Dance”.

Rhythm and movement are essential in shamanic being.

Contents are among others:

  • The trance in movement
  • Ecstatic trance
  • Shamanic journeying
  • Ritual postures
  • Shamanic reincarnation work
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Work with soul contracts
  • Extraction – removal of destructive energies and connections
  • Destiny/life task
  • Lifting of cursesAncestor work
  • Magical work
  • Mythology
  • Shamanic rituals
  • and much more.
    Speaker: Waldschamane Günter Oswald
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    Aim of the training

    • Transformation and healing of your own life issues
    • Teaching of shamanic tools and techniques that enable you to work with:
      – Work with clients in individual settings as a practitioner
      – to accompany groups and persons in trance dance (Ritual Trance Dance Facilitator)
    • Continuing path in the Waldschamenen-school with graduation possible


    Structure and duration of the training

    The training cycle is divided into 3 sections. The three blocks last 6 days each. The entire training period extends over 5 months. Between the modules, students will practice what they have learned independently in peer groups and exchange ideas. Individual self-experience with me as needed is considered part of the training.

    Schamanische Ausbildung Chiemsee

    Module 1 – Introduction to Shamanism:


    • Basics, cosmology, mythology, history.
    • The sacred space
    • Magical rooting (Recognize yourself as a magical being – ritual)
    • Recognizing and freeing yourself from foreign energies and destructive connections
    • Building protective fields
    • Trance – basics and different forms
    • The trance in motion
    • Shamanic journeys
    • Meditations
    • Allies and helpers
    • Shamanic rituals
    • Shamanic reincarnation work 1
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    smoke ritual
    Wall of fire on a meadow - shamanistic ritual
    Trance dance

    Module 2 – The Soul Retrieval/Life Task:


    • Shamanic reincarnation work 2
    • The Soul Retrieval
    • Allies and helpers
    • The trance in movement
    • Ritual posture
    • Meditations
    • Shamanic rituals
    • Working with soul contracts
    • Destiny, life task
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    Module 3: Ancestors, Extraction – Be your own creator:


    • Shamanic ancestor work
    • Allies and helpers
    • The trance in movement
    • Ritual posture
    • Meditations
    • Shamanic rituals
    • Be your own creator
    • The ring of power (central power in my magical system)
    • Shamanic extraction
    • Recognize and dissolve curses
    • Final ritual
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    singin Günter Oswald


    Dates and costs

    Module 1: 05-10 November 23
    Module 2: 09-14 January 24
    Module 3: 21-26 April 24

    The price for the whole training is € 2.700.- (without accommodation and seminar fees).
    Payment terms: 3 installments € 900 each
    one-time payment upon signing the contract: € 2.400
    The modules can also be booked individually. The price for this is € 1.100.- per module.




    Extra costs:
    Overnight stay incl. daily flat rate (full board) in the group dormitory from € 59/per day. If desired and if there is free capacity, other room categories can be booked for an extra charge.

    For external (without overnight stay): Daily fee for the seminar location/incl. meals (full board) of € 48/ per day. For participants who do not stay at Jonathan Hotel, this per diem must be booked as well.


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    My goal is to achieve the full development and unfolding of your personal and magical potential.
    All the best Günter
    +43 676 / 372 60 32


    My blog video about European Shamanism

    The seminar location

    Seminar Hotel Jonathan:
    Address: Kellerstraße 5, 83339 Chieming, Germany
    Telefon: +49 8669 79090

    The booking of the daily flat rate as well as the overnight stay takes place directly with the seminar hotel. There are sufficient contingents available for the seminar.


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