Start next besic cycles:

  • The next basic cycle starts May 9th 2024 in Lower Austria
  • In Germany Chieming November 5-10, 2023 (intensive training in Shamanic Healing Methods with focus on trance in movement/different structure to Lower Austria).
  • Entry into the advanced group possible all year round
  • There is the possibility for a shamanic path individually tailored to you
  • If you feel completely called by the traditional way, you have the possibility with me to do so.
  • For information on the above please contact me by phone: 0043 676 372 60 32.


This is a shamanic training that teaches ancient knowledge and traditional methods of original, European shamanism. It is important to me to provide an authentic, nature-based path of power. Both “newly called” and “experienced” people are offered the opportunity to grow emotionally, magically and spiritually in a very practical way. My goal is to achieve the full development and unfolding of your personal and magical potential. It is important to me not to impose my way on the participant, but to (re)find and promote your own talent.

Trance dance
Ritual Waldschamanen-school

During the training in Lower Austria you will experience among other things

Other experiences during the training:

  • The vision quest
  • The soul retrieval
  • The severing of destructive karmic connections and the threads of fate
  • The reincarnation work
  • and much more.
Shamanic sweat lodge
Waldschamane Schule

More information about the training you can find here on my website. Shamanic training Lower Austria

Drum workshop
Magische Wanderung
Magic hike
Contact me now for a personal get-to-know conversation!
We will make an appointment for a personal conversation to get to know each other and to clarify the possibilities of a common path.
All the best Günter
+43 676 / 372 60 32