Trance dance

Probably the oldest and most direct spiritual experience of mankind.

History and origin:

Anthropologists suggest that trance dancing was practiced as early as the Paleolithic era.
In earlier cultures, the whole village, the whole clan danced and sang themselves into a trance together. This is still practiced today by indigenous peoples. In Europe, too, the “St. Vitus dance” existed until the Middle Ages, the causes of which were dismissed as religious delusions or the consequences of a poisonous spider bite. Later, this trance was banned by the church as diabolical, possessed by the devil. We still find this dogma deeply embedded in us today. The movements we make in trance look very strange to many. Alienating for the reason that it has been drilled into us. People who free their self, who free themselves from old structures and cemented conditioning, are a thorn in the side of the dogmatic ruling systems. Yes, even dangerous, because such people are hardly manipulable and controllable.


trancetanz workshop by Günter Oswald
Trance dance
trancetanz workshop by Günter Oswald

By moving to music and various breathing techniques we gain access to our unconscious. We recognize the immanent divine in us and connect it with the great Spirit. Ecstasy arises and literally flows through us and out of us. This experience alone is very healing.

We also create access to our inner life, our inner world: hidden emotions that urge resolution; patterns that want to be released; old conditioning that (should) go. We can suddenly let go. Transformation occurs. An often profound experience that we did not expect.



How is such a ritual structured?

In my rituals, there is no requirement to dance beautifully, nor to adhere to any form. You move in a protected space that is absolutely without evaluation, without judgment. Feel free to be who you really are. We leave all conditioning behind. Are spontaneous and free…

We slowly and gently approach the trance. First we move, maybe we romp and begin to dance, each in his own way. Songs from all over the world accompany us. During exercises to music, we build together a field that will carry us during the ritual.

trance ritual


Wall of fire on a meadow - shamanistic ritual

This brings us to the first main part of the evening: the group forms a circle. In the center, one person at a time takes turns dancing themselves into a trance. With the connection to the spirit, the protection of the shamanic healing field and the power of the group circle, the dancer can completely surrender to him/herself within the circle and let go completely.

The final mask dance forms the second main part: each participant puts on a blindfold to minimize external stimuli and to be completely with themselves. Here we enter the trance with an intention, giving it a specific direction. We can look at specific topics and solve them in the dance as well as transform patterns that have been blocking us for a long time. You will be protected by my assistants and me. You are absolutely safe at all times and can let yourself go.

Afterwards there is enough space and time to integrate and reflect on what you have experienced.

Here is a video with insights of an “Ecstatic Trance Dance”.


  • 30.04./01.05. Walpurgis Night (Waldschmanen School)
  • 03. June .23 Full Moon (Forest Shaman School)
  • 24.June 23 Summer Solstice Experience Village Sulzbichl (Puchenstuben)
  • 01. August 23 full moon (forest shaman school)

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