Individual Setting

Individual Shamanic Counseling

My individual work is entirely focused on the uniqueness of people. In my “Individual Shamanic Consultation” I devote my full attention to your personal concerns. Together we will find a way to get rid of physical, emotional or mental ailments, so that your life becomes worth living again. In a clearing in my practice I find out what brings you to me and where your problem lies. After becoming aware of the cause, the consultation continues with shamanic interventions. The type and duration of the session depends on your individual needs. The consultation is concluded with a follow-up conversation.

Shamanic Trauma Work:

The Lodge – Retreat:

You now have the opportunity to combine your shamanic sessions with an overnight stay at the Lodge As in ancient tradition, the client comes to the shaman and is treated there until he is healthy again. You book your time out at the Lodge and get your daily shamanic sessions. Sometimes it makes sense to completely withdraw from your usual environment. During a Retreat with me you will work “traditionally” (see next paragraph). Enjoy the peace and quiet on the Lodge.

Traditional Shamanic Session

I give people, in my way of “Traditional Shamanic Counseling”, the possibility to work with me continuously over a longer period of time. Sometimes this can last several days – of course with correspondingly long breaks. The advantage is that the personal process is hardly interrupted. You are therefore not exposed to any distraction or disturbance from everyday life and can devote yourself completely to your process.
With me on the “Lodge” (Mainburg/Lower Austria) you will find the necessary peace and time you need to get well.


Online-Counseling – Remote Counseling

For people who are not mobile or for whom the journey is too far, there is the possibility of online counseling. We communicate via Skype or a messenger of your choice. The conditions are the same as for an individual session in my practice. The main advantage is that you don’t have to leave your familiar environment. I am also happy to advise you by e-mail.

Extraction – Cleansing from energetic intruders

Working with occupations and obsessions. Lasting protection by finding the cause and dissolving it.

Home visit

If needed, I am happy to come to your home and work with you directly in and with your familiar environment. Such sessions can last several hours.

House cleaning

A basic requirement for your health is a peaceful and secure home. I will gladly come to your home and cleanse it of foreign energies.

Package: Destiny, life task

Each of us has a life task, a destiny. Each of us has a special talent that wants to be lived. In five sessions of 90 minutes each I will accompany you on your structured path to (re)find your purpose in this life. For a fulfilled, self-determined life.

Here is the video:

Package: Smoking Cessation

With strong shamanic methods, I accompany you a little further to your personal freedom (3 sessions á ca.90 minutes).

Due to time constraints I cannot always offer clients a free appointment immediately. I therefore ask for your understanding that agreed appointments with me are always binding. In case of no-show or cancellation within 72 hours before the appointment, I will charge the minimum hourly rate of € 130.

Contact me now for a personal meeting to get to know each other!
We will make an appointment for a personal conversation to get to know each other and to clarify the possibilities of a common path.
All the best Günter
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