How do I reach the Waldschamanen-School?

The Waldschamanen-School is located in an isolated location on an alpine pasture. This is very easy to reach by car all year round. The address: Mainburg 28, 3202 Hofstetten

Is it possible to get there by public transport?

You can arrive very well by train. We will be happy to pick you up from the Hofstetten-Grüna stop (Mariazellerbahn). The transfer by car to the alp takes 5 min.

Is it possible to stay overnight in the Waldschamanen-School (Lodge) and what costs do I have to expect?

There is the possibility to stay overnight in group dormitories. These are equipped with 8 single beds and two double beds.

Bedding incl. bed linen is provided. For students of the Waldschamanen-School there are no extra costs for staying overnight. A mindful use of the accommodation is a prerequisite.
How can I imagine the infrastructure of the Lodge? On two levels of 120m² each you will find on the ground floor a spacious group workroom, a communal kitchen as well as toilets. On the second floor you will find beds in a group dormitory and a spacious bathroom. Of course there is also outdoor seating with a beautiful view. Right next to the hut is the ritual place, where we will spend a lot of time (campfire, sweat lodge etc.).
Is it possible to spend the night outside the Waldschamanen-School? You decide about it yourself. You have the possibility to spend the night at the Lodge with the group. But you are also welcome to book a place to stay in the village at your own expense or, if you come from nearby, you are welcome to sleep at home. I personally recommend that you do not leave the Lodge for the weekend so as not to interrupt the process. It doesn’t hurt to stay away from your usual structures for a while.
Are meals provided during the training? In order to keep costs as low as possible, students provide their own meals during the training. A fully equipped kitchen is available for this purpose (pots, pans, cutlery, refrigerator, stove, spices, etc.). You only need to take your food with you. If you prefer to go to a restraurant, you have the possibility to do so in the nearby village (Hofstetten). There you will find, among other things, excellent Austrian cuisine with regional products.
What is the structure of the training and how long does it last?

The training to become a “Shamanic Practitioner” is divided into two sections for a total of 10 modules. The modules usually take place on weekends, so that they can be integrated, for example, while working. Only the final module 10 takes place from Monday to Friday. Between each module there is a group supervision (9 in total – evening event) in an online setting.

There are different possibilities to complete and book this training: 1. the training “Shamanic Practicing” as a complete cycle (all 10 modules): a.) in the regular setting – duration approx. 24 months. / or b.) as an intensive training in shortened training time – duration approx. 12 months. (Here, modules 6-10 have different dates than indicated below. Will be announced upon request) or 2. section 1 (modules 1-5) “Shamanic Counseling” : as a separate cycle – duration approx. 7 months. Afterwards, section 2 (“Shamanic Practicing” modules 6-10) can be attended as a continuation.
On which dates do the modules take place?

2024 Section 1 “Shamanic Counseling”: – Module 01: 09.05.-12.05. Introduction to Shamanism • Module 02: Shamanic reincarnation work 1 • Module 03: Soul Retrieval • Module 04: Shamanic reincarnation work 2 • Module 05: Ancestors, Extraction, Be your Creator

2025 Section 2 “Shamanic Practicing”: • Module 06: The Frame Drum Building • Module 07: The Overtone Chant – Shamanic Chanting • Module 08: The Waterfall Meditation • Module 09: Mythology Time for practice and preparation vision quest: 2026 – Module 10: Conclusion: The Vision Quest Dates for modules 2-10 will be announced in Fall 23.
Can modules also be booked individually?

It is important to me to teach an authentic path of power, which is why the “Shamanic Practicing” training cycle includes all 10 modules. Section 1 (modules 1-5) “Shamanic Counseling” can be booked individually. (See structure of the training) However, certain modules, for which no prior knowledge is necessary, can also be booked individually, if a place is available.

When and in which setting do the group supervisions take place? The dates between the individual modules for group supervision take place online and are usually announced 3-4 weeks in advance. There are a total of 9 sessions of approximately 2 hours, each taking place in the early evening.
How can I get to know you and the training better?

A personal meeting gives us the opportunity to clarify all the open questions and to get to know each other. Please feel free to contact me at any time to make an appointment.

Do I need any special skills or previous knowledge? No previous knowledge is necessary. Your interest in a shamanic path is sufficient. Of course I will clarify some important things for me in a personal conversation: You should be physically and mentally healthy, so that you bring the necessary self-reflection and can fully engage in emotional processes.
What costs should I expect? Everything is possible, from a one-time payment to monthly installments. (Just ask) Section 1 Module 1-5 “Shamanic Counseling”: Total cost: – € 3.300.- in case of one-time payment (transfer of the total amount when signing the contract). – *€ 270,83.- monthly/ a12 installments ( plus down payment at signing of contract € 350.-) – € 3.100.- early booking bonus if contract is signed before 31.12.2023 (transfer of the total amount upon signing the contract) Total Cycle Modules 1-10 “Shamanic Practicing”. Total costs: – € 6.200.- for one-time payment (transfer of the total amount upon signing the contract) – € 277.- monthly / a 24 installments (plus down payment when signing the contract) – *€ 221,67.- monthly / a30 installments (plus down payment at contract signature € 350.-) – € 5.999.- early booking bonus if contract is signed before 31.12.2023 (transfer of the total amount when signing the contract) *The above examples are the longest possible installments.
What is included in the price of the training?

– All teaching of theory and practice, group work, rituals, etc. within the 10 modules – Group supervision – 9 evenings a approx. 2h (online) – Use of the infrastructure of the Walschamenen-School during the modules – Overnight stay during the training on the alp (group dormitories/seminar room) depending on capacity.

Are there any extra costs?

There are no hidden costs! Only the material for the Frame drum construction is to be provided by yourself. Each student builds his own drum individually. That’s why it’s hard for me to calculate the costs. If you have to buy all the material for it (frame, skin cords), you can expect to pay around € 100 to € 200. Module 8 (waterfall meditation) takes place in the adventure village Sulzbichl and is not included in the price. Here you have to calculate about 70.- for the whole weekend.

How many participants will be in the training?

max. 15

Do I get a certificate?


What can I do and what am I allowed to do when I am done?

Upon completion of the course you are authorized and empowered to:

a) “Shamanic Practitioner”. – Counsel and accompany clients shamanically in individual settings. – To accompany shamanic rituals and workshops in groups – To accompany trance dance rituals for groups – to enter the advanced structure of the Walschamenen-School b) “Shamanic Counseling – To provide shamanic counseling to clients in a one-on-one setting. – To enter the advanced structure of the Waldschamanen-School (if suitable and if the 2nd section “Shamanic Practicing” is attended at the same time). For working on clients with shamanic techniques you do not need a trade license in Austria.
Will I be ordained as a shaman during the training?

No, the basic cycle to become a “practitioner” is the beginning of your shamanic path. Traditionally, it takes several years to become an initiated shaman. With the completion of this training you are, among other things, empowered to continue on the path to initiation. For me this is another 4-5 years.