Shamanic Training in Lower Austria

The next basic cycle starts May 9th 2024 in Lower Austria.

  • In Germany Chieming November 5-10, 2023 (intensive training in Shamanic Healing Methods with focus on trance in movement/different structure to Lower Austria).
  • Entry into the advanced group possible all year round.
  • There is the possibility for a shamanic path individually tailored to you
  • If you feel completely called by the traditional way, you have the possibility with me to do so.

For information on the above please contact me by phone: 0043 676 372 60 32.

Basic cycle “Shamanic Practicing” in Lower Austria

I live and teach European shamanism, as it was already practiced in the Neolithic Age in the extended Danube region, now Dunkelsteinerwald. Mythologically embedded in this field, participants are encouraged to develop their own abilities and find their place in the cosmos. From this rootedness, growth will take place and it will be possible to anchor in the shamanic world.

We will acquire all the tools necessary to accompany people lovingly, powerfully and empathically in their personal development in a safe framework, with my idea of morality and ethics. To ensure this, one focus of the training is dedicated to your own “emotional growth”; emotional balance is essential for shamanic, magical work!

Schamanische Ausbildung
Shamanic training

During the training you will experience, among other things:

  • The sweat lodge
  • The trance dance
  • The waterfall meditation
  • The firewalk
  • The frame drum building
  • The medicine walk
  • The vision quest
  • The soul retrieval
  • The severing of destructive karmic connections and the threads of fate
  • and much more.

    The shamanic training in 2 sections


    In the first section, module I-V, you will be introduced to the shamanic worldview and the basics of shamanic work. On an emotional level, the focus is on your own “healing”.

    In addition, your power body will be strengthened so that you can absorb and work with more magic. You will get to know the trance in all its facets and begin to put into practice what you have learned with your group colleagues.


    firewalk workshop by Günter Oswald

    In the second section, Module VI-X, you build your own frame drum, your ally in the Otherworld. You dive deeper into the shamanic, magical universe and begin to shape your world yourself.

    You are the creator of your universe and perceive yourself more as a magical being. After deepening shamanic processes, working with yourself and with clients, you experience your life’s task. You go into the cleansing sweat lodge and after a 48-hour time-out alone in nature, you carry your vision out into the world.

    Structure and duration of the shamanic training

    The entire training cycle “Shamanic Practicing” is divided into 10 modules and two sections. Most of the modules take place on weekends from Friday to Sunday, so that they can be easily integrated into a work schedule. Only the final module 10 takes place from Monday to Friday. Between the modules, group supervision takes place in an online setting (9 units in the evening). In addition, students will practice and share what they have learned independently in peer groups. Individual self-experience with me as needed is also considered part of the training.

    There are different ways to complete and book this training:

    1. the training “Shamanic Practicing” as a complete cycle (all 10 modules):
    a.) in the regular setting – duration approx. 24 months. / or
    b.) as an intensive training in shortened training time – duration approx. 12 months.


    2. section 1 (modules 1-5) “Shamanic Counseling”:
    as a separate cycle – duration approx. 7 months.
    Afterwards you can continue with section 2 (“Shamanic Practicing” modules 6-10).

    All organizational information can be found here FAQ

    Trance drums
    smoke ritual
    Smoke ritual

    Training Capacity:

    Around 12 participants!
    Experience yourself in the healing field of a small group and develop your shamanic, magical potential.

    Training location:

    Mainburg 28, 3202 Hofstetten/Lower Austria.
    In individual cases all over Austria (alpine region)

    Detailed information about the content of the training can be found here on my website -> Teaching content



    Contact me now for a personal conversation!

    We will make an appointment for a personal conversation to get to know each other and to clarify the possibilities of a common path.
    All the best Günter
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