Waterfall meditation

The place and the accommodation

During a weekend in the wonderful, mystical nature of the Ötschergräben, more precisely the “Treffling Falls” near Puchenstuben, you will have the opportunity to get to know the ceremony of waterfall meditation with a group of like-minded people. We will be accommodated in the adventure village Sulzbichl, which is exclusively at our disposal.

In contact with the waterfall

Through the meditation we empty our spirit, our energetic, magical existence, our physical body and afterwards we fill ourselves with new, living energy. So we “die” under the waterfall and afterwards we are reborn. That is why we perform the ritual wearing white clothes. The color white symbolizes the new beginning.

Waterfall Meditation

Diving into the spirit of nature and into the nature of our mind

This type of meditation is another wonderful way to connect with nature and communicate with all its magical aspects. We get to know ourselves a bit better and get closer to our true self. A cleansing is carried out in which we strip off old and heavy things. This process is supported by ascetic actions like sleep deprivation and fasting.


23.-25. June 2023
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Video of the waterfall meditation:

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