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Module 1 – 5 “Shamanic Counseling”

Cosmology and Shamanism:
History, cosmology, shamanism.

Sacred Space:
The building and re-closing of sacred space; function and intention.

Building one’s own protective fields; working with the client without absorbing their fields and energies.

Shamanic Journeying:
Traveling for oneself and for others into the other worlds to bring about positive change.

Learn about trance with all its aspects and possibility. From moving to hypnotic trance.

Shamanic reincarnation work:
Identify and transform issues at the root cause.

Soul Retrieval:
With this technique lost soul parts are recovered and re-integrated. We also deal with soul theft, loss of power and power theft.


The recognition of foreign energies and the ways to remove them.

Destructive Connections:
Recognizing to other people and disconnecting them.

Working with soul contracts:
Recognizing and undoing destructive patterns and conditioning, bringing them into life-affirming forms

Working with clients in individual settings:
Everything necessary about one’s own attitude, picking up the client, transferences, setting, empathy and protection

Working with our ancestors:
Get to know our ancestors and dive into their powerful field. Reconnecting with your ancestral field and ancestral healing (initiation)

Get to know your own helpers and allies:
Animal and plant allies, soul guides, (also occurs in modules 6-10).

Destiny Life Task:
Experience your destiny and live your full potential again.


smoke ritual
trance ritual

Module 6 – 10 “Shamanic Practicing”

The frame drum:
Building your own frame drum and experiencing it as an ally in the Otherworld, shamanic drumming, shamanic chanting.
Merging with the Spirits (initiation).

Immersing and getting to know my mythological field (Nordic, Germanic) and experiencing their powers and how to deal with them. Who am I in the cosmos and where do I stand? Which place do I have?

Getting to know your own helpers and allies:
Animal and plant allies, soul guides, allies: abstract and concrete (already occurs in modules 1-5).

Working with groups:
Related to the next point “Accompanying rituals and ceremonies”.

Accompanying rituals and ceremonies:
Building a ritual, Why a ritual, Drawing a circle “protection”, Inviting forces – Sacred space, Working with the group, Experiencing transformation, Disturbances in the group and how to deal with them;

Overtone Chanting:

Learn about the healing tones of the cosmos. Swing in the transforming power, the cosmic sound. (Speaker Wolfgang Saus)

Here you can see a video of me about Traditional European Shamanism:


Different aspects of the universe:

  • The dream
  • The Force
  • The Tantra


House cleaning:
Energetic cleaning of houses and apartments, etc.

Waterfall Meditation:
A sacred powerful ritual that lets you dive deeper into your magic and that of the native spirits. (Initiation)

Ring of Power / Be Your Creator:
Getting to know the Ring of Power as an essential component of my shamanism. Your own matrix as awareness of your creative power (Initiation)

Shamanic Sweat Lodge:
In preparation for the vision quest and as its conclusion, you will go to the sacred sweat lodge twice (vision sweat lodge and integration sweat lodge)

Vision Quest:
Your time out alone in the great outdoors. Finding your vision, which you will carry into the world!

Closing Ceremony:
Embark on your journey through the universe through the power of ritual.


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