Frame drum construction

Your ally in the other worlds

Every shaman or shamanic practitioner has his tool to go into trance. In our latitudes this is the frame drum.

It is not a musical instrument in the conventional sense, rather the frame drum is your ally in the other worlds. This “magical” being guides and leads you through healing ceremonies and rituals.

Frame drum building

The frame drum building

In this workshop you will ritually build your frame drum and initiate it. You will work on the raw animal skin, grind, inlay and decorate the frame. After you have established the magical, spiritual connection to the drum, you will ritually strike it for the first time, bringing it to “life”.

Not only will your ally be born during this weekend, but you will also go through a personal process of growth.


Spring – exact date to follow

I would also be happy to accompany you with your group through the drum making process. Just contact me!

Video of the workshop

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