Chieming: Shamanic training for practitioners with focus on “Ecstatic Trance in Movement”



I will let you know in time about new dates in Chieming. At the moment there are no retreats there.

Event location
Seminarhotel Jonathan – Kellerstraße 5, 83339 Chieming / Chiemsee

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Rhythm, movement and breathing give you the opportunity to come back to yourself. In connection with heart-opening shamanic energies you will experience ecstatic trance. The shaman Günter Oswald accompanies you through this retreat with the focus on: Ecstatic Trance, Ancestral Healing, Sweat Lodge and Extraction.

Musically the main focus Ecstatic Trance will be accompanied by the two full blooded percussionists:
Bernhard Weiss and Christian Koch exclusively live! (on the days 20. and 21. Sept.) These two days can also be booked separately. See events

Every day you will be accompanied for several hours (min. 7h – with enough breaks) through the retreat.

Speaker: Waldschamane Günter Oswald
  • Ecstatic trance:
    Rhythm, movement and breathing embedded in ecstatic, magical fields.
  • Ancestor work:
    Shamanic work in your ancestral lineage to clarify and resolve your ancestral issues
  • Sweat Lodge:
    Traditionell schamanische Schwitzhütte
  • Extraction:
    Cleansing your energy body by learning a variety of shamanic techniques
  • Sound HealingMeditations
  • and much more.


You can get an overview of all my shamanic work here: Overview Waldschamane

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Dates and costs

Dates will be announced in time. At the moment there are no retreats in Chieming!
Seminarhotel Jonathan – Kellerstraße 5, 83339 Chieming / Chiemsee

For the seminar: currently not available

For overnight stay and fees for the seminar hotel from: currently available

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    My goal is to achieve the full development and unfolding of your personal and magical potential.
    All the best Günter
    +43 676 / 372 60 32


    The seminar location

    Seminarhotel Jonathan:
    Adresse: Kellerstraße 5, 83339 Chieming, Deutschland
    Telefon: +49 8669 79090

    The booking of the daily flat rate as well as the overnight stay takes place directly with the seminar hotel. There are sufficient contingents for the seminar free.