Advanced structure Waldschamanen-school

The advanced structure offers interested people the possibility to deepen their shamanic knowledge.

layout and structure:

    • Entry possible at any time (see below for admission criteria)
    • Cycle can be booked for one year
    • 3 years in total
    • Graduation as “Shamanic Expert”
    • After completion entitled to enter the initiation years


    • 1 weekend “The Dream” as a shamanic technique 1-3
    • 1 weekend “The Force” 1-3
    • 1 week intensive training – annually rotating focus:
    • Magical Alps/Cosmic Spirituality/Shamanic Dreamwork
    • 1 weekend “The Sweat Lodge”
    • 1 weekend “The Waterfall Meditation”
    • 1.5 days (on weekends) Ecstatic Trance with Firewalk

In the advanced structure, you will develop into a shamanic expert.

Year 1: Your ally: Your Intended Obsession. A nature ally is sought for you. A magical amplifier with whom you intentionally fuse. (Initiation) You learn to handle and balance this new power.

Year 2: Your Shaman Tree: Every shaman has a tree as a calling card in the magical world. You ritually rediscover your tree and begin to consciously expand in the magical world. You nurture your tree and thus your magic. (Initiation) You expand your magical potential on all levels. Vision/intention/action

Year 3: Abstract Ally: You raise your already consciously lived magical aspects another notch higher. Preparation for Initiation. (Initiation) You move to the threshold of shamanic initiation in all teaching areas. You are an expert in shamanic being.

Living authentic shamanism gives you the opportunity to access your full potential.


    • Intentional possession:
    • Cosmic Spirituality
    • Magical Tantra (not towel tantra).
    • The Dream:
    • The Force
    • The Primordial Man
    • The Ring of Power

Participation requirements:

    • Completion of the basic cycle in the Forest Shaman School or an external similar previous training (please clarify with me).
    • You are familiar with the basics of shamanic, magical being in theory and practice
    • Mental health
    • Emotional stability
    • Reflective ability and willingness
    • Personal responsibility


The Waldschamanen-school

If you are interested please contact me: Günter